Three-quarter Earrings

Three-quarter Earrings

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Perfect for a bold yet minimal statement. Each disc has perfectly rounded and tapered edges for a smooth, finished look. Approximately .75” in diameter.

Solid metal, never plated.

Turnaround Time: Bronze & Silver: 3-4 weeks. Solid Gold: 2-3 weeks.

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The Origin of Endswell

Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming founded Endswell in early 2014 out of their design house YIELD. Endswell was born out of a conversation between friends, a discussion of the merits of marriage and the desire for a return to meaningful symbols. The collection started when Gant and Deming designed two rings for their close friends who wanted to mark their marriage with pieces that were true to their own values, not flashy and overwrought.

The final designs were 3d printed in wax, cast in solid gold, and eventually named Infinity No 1 and No 2 for their endless surfaces and the infinite mobius strip featured within Infinity No 2. These initial bands became the starting point for the collection and the birth of the concept of Modern Day Heirlooms.

The collection has grown, but the values have remained the same. Each piece is designed around a vocabulary, subtle, distinctive and meaningful. All rings are cast in precious metals that are sustainably and ethically sourced.