1.5 L Ceramic Pitcher - Gray - 2nd Quality

1.5 L Ceramic Pitcher - Gray - 2nd Quality

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* Please note: second quality items are functional but have minor scratches or defects and are final sale. Still a perfect accent piece if you are the type to find beauty in imperfections. 

A distinctive and minimal addition to any kitchen. Works well with both hot and cold liquids. 

Matte ceramic exterior, high gloss interior finish. Certified SGS Food Safe.

4.25" D x 6.25" W x 9.75" H


Please note: ceramic pitchers are not compatible with french press parts.

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Ceramic Production

YIELD's Ceramics are made in partnership with a Fair Trade ceramics house in an ancient village near Hanoi, Vietnam. Our manufacturing partners boast fair worker pay, ethical and supportive working conditions and a 700 year history of ceramics production passed down through generations. The facility is run by a descendent of Nguyen Thanh Chau, deemed a national treasure by the late King Le in 1737.

At YIELD we favor local and domestic production whenever possible. When we work with manufacturers outside the US, we take seriously our responsibility to appropriately vet partners to ensure alignment in terms of ethics and sustainability. 

Rachel Gant & Andrew Deming



Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant began working together in 2012 after meeting at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Their work spans Rachel's background in architecture and industrial design and Andrew's background in graphic design and design strategy. Together they've defined an approach to design that's both minimal and warm, meaningful and accessible.