Before & After: Our St. Augustine Ravenswood Remodel


A little over a year ago, we discovered this hidden gem in St Augustine’s Ravenswood neighborhood. It had a great yard and good bones, so we thought we’d give it a shot.

After it began to take shape, even we were blown away by how much we fell in love with this space and all of the beautiful secret features that were uncovered along the way. Scroll through as we highlight some of our favorite features of the remodel.

The built-in planter!
This one was mind-blowing. An original brick planter that we found completely wrapped in old panelling and made to look like a bar cabinet. We were so confused at first as to why this “cabinet” had no doors, but ecstatic when we found what was underneath.

Exposed ceiling beams.
We knew right away that we need to take down the original ceiling tiles ("before" photos below) and were crossing our fingers for a nice surprise on the other side. We were not disappointed when we discovered heavy timber beams in great condition. We ended up painting them white to bright up the room and accentuate the abundance of natural light. The little bit of added ceiling height was also a welcome bonus.

Pass-through Shelving.
This was the hidden original front window-turned-shelf, that we converted into open shelving to connect the living room and family room. The family who grew up here actually paid us a visit and shared that their family added on the front rooms and ran a Barber Shop out of the front side of the house in the 60s! This was the original front window to the porch.

Non-intrusive New HVAC System
When we bought the house it had no central air. We removed 7-8 window units and installed a new, energy-efficient central air system. With a 4 bedroom house, we didn't want to opt for mini-splits. Fortunately, our HVAC contractor was willing to work with us to design ductwork that would largely remain out of sight. We ran the trunkline through the bedroom closets across the length of the house and popped out vents into the main spaces. The new ac system combined with a new reflective white roof keeps the energy bills low.

The 200+ year Red Cedar.
Of course this was always in plain sight, but it’s impressiveness didn’t jump out at us at first when the yard was less defined. After some time to soak it all in, we quickly realized that this is the healthiest Cedar we have yet to see in St Augustine. It is constantly flush with frosted blue juniper berries and smells amazing. 

The wall of Jasmine in the back.
When we first started working on the yard, our fence contractor offered to tear out all of the “weeds” on the back fence. Thankfully we recognized those leaves as something much more valuable. Sure enough, when Spring comes around the entire fence turned white with fragrant flowers.


Before & After

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  • Looks fantastic!! What type and color are the tiles that you used? I really like the contrast, is this bright white grout?

    Carlos on
  • You guys, so cool!!

    Leah on

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