Breaking In: Product Design

Our friend Amina Horozic just released Breaking In: Product Design, an impressive collection of interviews with over 100 industrial designers intended to give students a leg up on understanding how to break through in a competitive industry. We were honored to be included alongside such heavyweights as Yves Behar, Gadi Amit, Robert Brunner and many more...

The book is now available for purchase and you can view the Breaking In Blog at Amina asks us a series of questions in the book. Here's just a brief excerpt, highlighting just one of those questions:

What kinds of characteristics or qualities are necessary to be a successful designer these days?

AD: In many ways it's the same as it ever was: a designer must be interested in and engaged with the world around them. More than an interest in itself, "design" should serve as a lens through which we view the world and see areas ripe for improvement.

Adaptability. Any student of foresight will tell you that one of the very greatest changes we face today is the very rapid increase in the rate of change, meaning that individuals and organizations must be ever more adaptable. As designers, this means that we must be driven by values and principles, not defined merely by skills or knowledge of programs. Those things, while important, are a means to an end and will turn over countless times throughout the course of a career.

Confidence in communication. Whether in internal design reviews of external presentations, the ability to clearly articulate concept and intent is absolutely crucial. I think good designers always really want to understand the "why" behind the design decisions made...why this subject matter? Why this material choice, etc? When we are able to thoughtfully and consistently ask ourselves those questions throughout the process, it's easy to clearly convey to others what led to a particular outcome.

Read the rest of our interview and many more...


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