You bought your YIELD candle, now we want to make sure you experience the most beautiful, even, and clean burn. Here are some tips for cleanliness, longevity and over all wise practices for candle burning...anywhere.


Trim your wick before every burn (even the first burn)! We do not pre-trim the wick because it could be smooshed into the wax during packing. We recommend trimming to a minimum of 1/8". By doing this, you ensure an even and soot-free burn. You can trim your candle with wick trimmers or scissors. To remove any soot build-up, you can simply take a paper towel to wipe clean the wick.

BURN BABY BURN... the right way

For best results, burn until the wax melts evenly across container (1-2 hours), not exceeding 3 hours. Burning for long periods of time puts the wick at risk of uncentering, being too close to the glass, and possibly causing the glass to break or burst. Keep wax pool free of debris and make sure that the wick stays centered with each burn. 

Hints that you're in the danger zone:

  • A smoking wick: trim wick to 1/8-inch.
  • All wax is melted: blow it out, it has burned too long.
  • Off-center wick: burned too long, re-center wick.
  • Black residue on glass: trim the wick.
  • A bloom shaped wick: time to trim.



Do not burn your candle below 1/2" of wax. This could cause the container to crack or burst. 



You burned your candle down to that 1/2" of wax, now it's time to clean it out and make that vessel a drinking glass! Once the candle wax and vessel are completely cooled, take a spoon to scoop out remaining wax and wick. If you are having difficulty scooping, take a bit of hot water to soften wax! Once removed, take paper towel to wipe clean the remaining wax and debris off the glass. Now, wash with soap and water, and voila! It's ready to be used for that cocktail recipe you've been wanting to make. 



Comments, questions, concerns? Ask away below!



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  • @Elanor – It may take 2-3 hours on the first burn, and the wick must be fully centered. You will likely need to trim the wick and relight the candle after an hour or so to make sure the wick doesn’t start to lean off to one side. The second burn should do it for you! If not, please email us a couple photos and we can try to help diagnose the issue ;)

    YIELD on
  • @Cecilia – Yes, these are dishwasher safe! Thanks for helping out Gabriel :)

    YIELD on
  • I burned my candle for the first time for at least two hours last night and the wax did not melt evenly across the whole top of the container. Should it melt fully across on my second burn? Has anyone else come across this?

    Elanor on
  • Hi Cecilia,
    I do not work with Yield, but I am under the impression that this is the same glass used for the double-wall glassware they sell. That drinking glassware is dishwasher safe according to the product description. I am wondering as well, though.
    Hope that helps!

    Gabriel Melson on
  • Is this glass dishwasher safe?

    Cecilia Lee on

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