Deciphering Scents

Scent is personal. Fortunately, we offer 15 distinctive in-house designed scents that cater to an array of palettes. From deep to bright, here is our breakdown -  


Woodsy / Warm -  deep, earthy notes that feel warm, rich and sensual.

Palo Santo - Notes of Pine, Citron, & Firewood
Sandalwood - Notes of Amyris, Coriander, & Amber
Hinoki - Notes of Cedar, Char, & Vetiver
Castillo - Notes of Cypress, Salt + Smoke
Scarpa - Notes of Palo Santo, Leather + Vetiver



Herbal / Spice - refreshing, natural scents that feel green and aromatic.

Poivre - Notes of Black Pepper, Cardamom, & Ginger
White Sage - Notes of Olive, Thyme, & Orange
Entenza - Notes of Eucalyptus, Rosemary + Birch




Floral /  Soft
delicate and light scents, that have subtle sweet tones and lush floral notes.

Chamomile - Notes of Lavender, Jasmine, & White Tea
Avilés - Notes of Jasmine, Blood Orange + White Musk
Wright - Notes of Desert Rose, Sand + Amber

Fresh / Bright
airy, balanced and clean scents.

Willow - Notes of Spring Water, Cardamom, & Lichen
Cypress - Notes of Juniper, Ceylon, & Spanish Moss
Pomelo - Notes of Bergamot, Currant, & Himalayan Salt
Coquina - Notes of Spanish Moss, Amber + Salt


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