Genmaicha Tea Time

Brewing tea is an easy, but often overlooked, way to use our French Press

This week we brewed Genmaicha, a long time personal favorite. Genmaicha is simply a green tea blended with toasted brown rice which brings a full, nutty flavor to each sip. It's traditionally enjoyed hot, but also really refreshing when served iced. Scroll down for more on the recipe!


Genmaicha tea


3.5 Tablespoons of Loose Leaf Genmaicha
850mL Hot Water (Approx. 180° F)
Agave to taste (optional)

Tip: If refrigerating or storing, transfer tea to another vessel, remove loose leaf tea, & then transfer back to press. This will prevent over-steeping and an unwanted bitter taste.

1. Bring water to a boil and measure out loose leaf tea into your French Press.
2. After water has reach a full boil, reduce to 180° F before pouring. If you don't have a temperature gauge, an easy trick is to remove the water from its heat source and pour as soon as the bubbles cease. If the bubbles are in full boil, it's a sign that it is still too hot and will scald the tea.
3. Stir and brew for 3 minutes before pressing the filter dow. We drink ours plain, but you may add agave at this stage if desired.
4a. If enjoying hot, serve immediately and even brew a second batch!
4b. If enjoying iced, refrigerate tea for 1-2 hours and serve over ice.


Items Featured:
850mL Glass French Press
Double-Wall 6oz Glasses

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