Introducing: Bergamot + Chamomile Hand Sanitizer Spray


Necessity is the mother of invention. We were in the midst of launching our perfume line (still coming soon!) when the recent pandemic hit. We quickly realized our ingredients and our bottling setup would be much better utilized for hand sanitizer in response to the dire shortage. Through chance and necessity, we shifted course and rushed this production to offer a useful resource during a time of need.

YIELD's mission is to always aim for high quality, functional products that are accessible. With the creation of the Bergamot and Chamomile Sanitizer, the team kept simplicity, aroma, hydration, clean ingredients and reusability in mind.  

Our spray formula contains hydrating coconut oils and soothing, organic essential oils can last up to 20x longer than standard gels. The scent has subtle notes of Bergamot and Blue Chamomile to refresh and calm your spirits. 

Clean Ingredients
70% Ethyl Alcohol.
Distilled Water.
Coconut Oil.
Organic Cypress Essential Oil.
Organic Blue Chamomile Essential Oil.
Essential oil and fragrance oil blend.

Quality Control
Our hand sanitizers are bottled by our cGMP partner Utah and meet the US's Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines for in-vitro efficacy against coronaviruses, including Covid-19.


Built to Scale
Our cGMP facility is built to scale to your needs whether you are an individual, small business, or large institution. We are now offering a range of sizes, from personal spritzers to bulk containers. We are currently producing hand sanitizer to help organizations struggling to get large supplies of the antiseptic.

Please visit: for more information regarding bulk, institutional orders.

Shop 1oz, 4oz or 10oz Refill Hand Sanitizer here!

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  • @Gayle You can check out the sanitizer via this link:

    YIELD on
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    June on
  • Love this hand sanitizer. I made a mental note to look up the ingredients again to see if I could possible use it as a perfume. Please consider coming out with a perfume.

    TR Lowry on
  • So rad, love this!

    Stewart on
  • I don’t see the site for me to order the hand sanitizer

    Gayle Gibbons on
  • Smells wonderful and doesn’t dry out my skin like ordinary hand sanitizers. Can’t wait for the perfume line to come out. (And to think I would have never know about the upcoming perfume if Food52 hadn’t started carrying this incredible hand sanitizer.)

    Becca Davis on

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