Sometimes we see things that must be shared.

This morning while eating breakfast, we came across Lees House by architect Rob Kennon. Built down-under in Melbourne, it offers a look into the dynamic of standard plywood shelving, contrasted with polished concrete floors, and modern amenities, encased in bare exposed gray brick. It is a home we could certainly see some of our products living in nicely. 

Photo Credit: Brooke Holm

Known for his masterful use of simple materials, Melbourne architect Rob Kennon says his work is about “craft and invention” built in with “elements of surprise and delight.” For a compact addition to an Art Deco house, he created a rigorously planned puzzlework of plywood bookshelf partitioning offset by concrete brickwork and flooring. The results are a domestic sanctuary: a series of discrete but integrated rooms, and there’s no lack of shelf space—or delight.