Liljestrand House

A few years ago Rachel and I visited the Liljestrand House on a trip to Oahu. The stunning home was a highlight of the trip and one of the best house tours we've ever experienced. 

The Liljestrand House was designed by Vladimir Ossipoff, a prolific and talented architect often described as the "Frank Lloyd Wright of Hawaii." The house was built in 1955 and is located on a beautiful hillside site overlooking Honolulu.

Our tour was given by Bob Liljestrand, the eldest son of Betty and Howard Liljestrand who commissioned the house. The tour was in depth and personal, not the kind where all the best stuff is off limits and you get herded through a roped off line. We got to spend time in the living areas, got a real sense of the space and were able to hear about it from the guy that knows it best. Definitely a must see!

The photos below are by the architectural photographer Mariko Reed and posted with permission. 

Photo Credit: Mariko Reed
Liljestrand House Website

Location - Honolulu, Hawaii
Architect - Vladimir Ossipoff
Built - 1955

Photo Credit: Mariko Reed
Liljestrand House Website

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