New Ethically Sourced Diamond Rings

Those of you who have followed us from the start know that we created our Endswell ring collection around the idea that the purest values are best communicated with pure forms. We began with solid bands, noticeably free of stones because it is tricky business to sift through origins, certifications, and the unknowns regarding the ethical and environmental practices of these origins. We focused on the meaning within the forms and hopefully helped to prove that you don't always need a diamond. 

Now that we've built a nice foundation of solid bands, we had the urge to introduce stone settings but wanted to make sure the source of the stones represented the same values that our forms communicate. Even the Kimberley Act does not sufficiently protect customers from unknowingly buying unethically mined stones; so we spent the better part of a year searching for the perfect, reputable supplier of Canadian Diamonds while designing minimalist pieces worthy of these precious stones. 

It's been a worthwhile trek as we know there are many who share the same values. We're excited to now make them available.

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