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When we relocated to St. Augustine last summer we moved into a large historic commercial home where we could live upstairs and work downstairs. It was a convenient setup and worked for a time, but in November we stumbled into a warehouse and storefront space just a short distance from our house. The space was in really rough shape but the layout was ideal, with an warehouse in the back with a large rollup door and a small street front retail space. The building is over a hundred years old and has had many lives, most notably as a prohibition era bar and pool hall. Our space was most recently used for boat repairs, was covered in years of grime.

Throughout November we cleaned it out, built a loft and painted everything. In December we moved in. It's still a rustic space, but it's fitting for us and has quickly filled out with our daily work. We've since brought all of our soft goods production in house and now ship all orders from the studio. If you're in town, stop by and say hello! Here's a peek:



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