Summer in St. Augustine

As many of you know, we took an absolutely crazy leap this summer and moved our home and studio from San Francisco, CA to Saint Augustine, FL.

We made this move in search of a change in lifestyle, new scenery and the inspiration that comes with that. There is, of course, a lot that we miss about San Francisco, but Saint Augustine has immediately felt like home thanks to a great group of friends we have here.

Since we've only been here two months (and spent part of that time traveling) we still have a lot of work to do to settle into our house and a number of home/furniture projects that we look forward to tackling. But we wanted to share some photos that give a window into the early days of our life here.

Yield Design House // Saint Augustine

Porch 1 of 3. Our favorite spot to read.

Birds of Paradise are everywhere here. We got a tall one for our studio.

Our "new" midcentury mirror vintage find in the bathroom.

The upstairs porch off our bedroom with a view of our giant backyard tree. We're looking forward to making some furniture for this space.

We've been doing a lot more painting and refinishing projects in our outdoor spaces.

We're a little more than a mile from one of our favorite beach accesses. This was our new puppy Clover's first trip to the beach.

Rose window on our front door.

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