Last year, Robert Chong and Brian Cox, founders of then yet-to-be-named Halo Home, approached us with an opportunity to partner in the design of a transformative new home security experience. Rob was a creative director at Guess and Brian was an engineering lead at Apple prior to starting Halo. Their combined experience has led to the creation of an emergent technology company that stands out from the rest. Halo is unique in its pairing of uncompromising tech credentials and engineering with a warm and livable design approach.

It's now more than a year later and Halo has come out on the other side of the 500 Startups tech incubator with a product ready to launch. We are proud of our role in designing this product and excited to see what's in store for Halo.

To learn more about the product specs and experience, check out their website at Their inaugural product collection has just launched today on indiegogo!