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Operations Coordinator
Full Time - St. Augustine, FL

Pay rate BOE.

You will be the primary employee in-house with an oversight of inventory and production. You will coordinate with the Ops Manager to understand what needs to get produced and with the production team to ensure they are have what they need. The role involves a lot of communication, both online and in-person. You’ll have both computer work in the office and hands-on work in our warehouse.

Our company is a hybrid of Design, Marketing, & Business, so we naturally tend to work best with individuals who are open to working from any and / or all of those angles.

Over-the-top organizer with the ability to think systematically.
Not afraid to get hands dirty and work on a variety of tasks.
Impeccable attention to detail.
Determined and diligent with communication and follow up.


Industrial Design Internship
Part Time - St. Augustine, FL

Graphic Design Internship
Part Time - St. Augustine, FL


Makers & Craftsmen

If you are maker or craftsperson interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're especially interested in working with manufacturing partners in the St. Augustine area and broader Florida.