Customizable Duotone Diamond Coffee Table

YIELD Originals


Customize your own Diamond Duotone Coffee Table by choosing your favorite combination of base, top tier, and bottom tier.   

The Duotone Coffee Table is a commercial grade table made from precision machined solid brass or powder coated aluminum. Each table is made locally in St. Augustine, Florida with domestically sourced materials. Lead time is 4-8 weeks. 

The Duotone Furniture series is based on a modular hardware system that pairs sturdy construction with visual lightness and a range of potential configurations. Each table ships flat for safety and cost efficiency. Assembly is easy and requires no additional tools.

36" W x 15" H 

"Architectural details in the materials of the moment."
—Domino Magazine

"A bi-level table offers lots of options for storage and decorative displays. Use this luxurious table for art books or magazines, and place your essentials (remote control, glass of wine) on top. This piece is refreshingly (and surprisingly) simple to assemble, but will look anything but basic to house guests."

"The Duotone Tables strike the exact right balance between interesting materials and minimal design."
—Surface Magazine