Duotone Circular Coffee Table 35" - Black Base / Smoked Glass Tiers

Duotone Circular Coffee Table 35" - Black Base / Smoked Glass Tiers


*Made to order. 4-5 week lead time.

Black Base / Smoked Glass Top Tier / Smoked Glass Bottom TIer

Our new Duotone furniture series is based on a modular hardware system that pairs sturdy construction with visual lightness and a range of potential configurations. The table is made locally in St. Augustine from solid powder coated aluminum and is able to flat pack for efficient shipping. The piece assembles simply with snap-in hardware that is tightened with hidden set screws. Suitable for commercial or residential uses. Interior or exterior use. 

To configure your own table, use our customizable listing. 

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35" Diameter, 15" Height

Made locally in St. Augustine, FL



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Rachel Gant & Andrew Deming



Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant began working together in 2012 after meeting at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Their work spans Rachel's background in architecture and industrial design and Andrew's background in graphic design and design strategy. Together they've defined an approach to design that's both minimal and warm, meaningful and accessible.