Petra Necklace Collection

Inspired by the striking beauty found amongst the isles of the Mediterranean, the Petra Collection uses natural stones cut and arranged in geometric compositions reminiscent of ancient ruins and natural rock formations. 

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YIELD in Wallpaper

Yield founders Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant are partners in business and in life. Crucial to their enduring relationship– forged while at California College of the Arts– is an emphasis on shared principles of design, not to mention a deep appreciation for architecture and coffee.

Ty & Rae's St. Augustine Surf Shack

Right around the time that Rachel and I packed up and moved Yield from San Francisco to St. Augustine, Ty Williams was making his way from Los Angeles to build a house in St. Augustine's historic Lincolnville district. Even though Ty and I had some overlapping time at Flagler College, we didn't get to know each other until having a parallel experience of resettling in St. Augustine after years in California.