Mirth Studio Tile

While working weekends on renovating our house here in St. Augustine, we are looking to all kinds of inspiration for decorating. In our search for flooring options, we came across Mirth Studio, a wooden floor tile company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Our favorite is called Antonio, designed by Antonio Buzzetta, a New York based interior designer. Wooden tiles seem like an interesting alternative to ceramic tiles. 


We refinished our concrete floors throughout main area of the our house, but we added tile in our guest bath and are about to take on renovating the master bathroom next and will be incorporating a lot of tile in that project. In our guest bathroom we opted for standard white subway tile with black grout for a sharp clean contrast.

The black, white and wood palette is consistent throughout the house. We didn't deviate from it with our guest bathroom because we wanted to prioritize a look that is clean and sanitary for our guests. We tried to consider what we would want to encounter when using someone else's guest bathroom. In our master bathroom, we're considering warmer, more distinctive options, as it will be used more exclusively by the two of us.

We're still researching options for the next bathroom project and are considering the classic Heath options. Are there any styles/materials/sources that you personally look to when looking to decorate, or remodel? We would love to hear them!

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