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Manufacturing at Yield

At YIELD, we produce many of our goods in our St. Augustine, Florida studio and we also partner with outside artisans and manufacturers for production. Every product passes through our hands at the workshop before it ships. Our approach to the manufacturing and production of our goods is carefully considered and core to our business. 



A look inside our approach to design and manufacturing.


Bag / Soft Goods Production

All YIELD bags are produced in the US from domestically made materials. We produce our bags and other soft goods (keychains, aprons, cup set holsters) in our St. Augustine studio. We use natural heavyweight duck canvas and vegetable tanned leather. 


Furniture Production

Our furniture pieces are made locally in St. Augustine. Woodworking is done on the premises in our woodshop and the welding is done offsite locally.

Ceramics Production

We've partnered with a fair trade ceramics house in the Bat Trang Ceramics Village outside of Hanoi, Vietnam to produce our French Presses and Pitchers. Our shared values make for an ideal partnership and we're proud to support their business. They're committed to ethical production and go above and beyond standard fair working practices to create a supportive work environment. 


Endswell Jewelry Production

Our Endswell rings are all made in the US with recycled gold and conflict-free stones. Each piece begins as a 3d printed wax and is then cast into solid gold, platinum, silver or palladium. Our casting partner is a family run business in the Midwest.



Our necklaces are all new designs made from vintage midcentury beads and chain of European origin. Each necklace is assembled in our St. Augustine studio. We have limited stock of each style.


Spun Metal Production

Our Spun Planters, Spun Bowls, and Copper Cups are all made by our fair trade manufacturing partner in India. India has a long history of making copper vessels and our partner is a family run business with a deep understanding of the process and commitment to quality.

Manufacturing Philosophy


  • We must consider the end-to-end lifespan of each piece.

  • Anything that makes sense to produce locally, we produce locally.

  • Everyone involved in the production of our goods must be treated fairly and earn a fair wage.

  • No child or slave labor (we look forward to a day when this doesn’t need saying).

  • No creepy materials.


Non Absolutes:

  • Domestic (U.S.) Manufacturing - it’s our preference but not a requirement. We believe American design has a strength beyond our manufacturing history. What we value most about U.S. manufacturing is the general reliability in labor standards. 

  • Small batch production - most of our pieces are made in small quantities by hand, but we are not against large scale production and the efficiencies that it can bring. When streamlined with good design, mass production can be more democratic and lower impact.


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