Perfect gift for Mother's Day

5 Reasons to Give Mom a YIELD Candle for Mother’s Day

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Candles transform any space in an instant. Whether you want to honor Mom’s unique personality, or surprise her with a versatile item of self-care, decor, and home fragrance, the right candle makes a thoughtful, timeless Mother’s Day gift.

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Made from a blend of all-natural coconut wax and other natural quality ingredients

Reusable Glass Vessel

Burn Time up to 50 hrs

Essential oil and fragrance oil blend

Cotton wick for clean burning

1. Candles create ambience

Besides the mood-enhancing qualities of their scent, candles promote feelings of comfort and security. A well-placed, gently flickering candle immediately creates a warm, intimate space where Mom can relax and unwind.

Erica M.

I stumbled upon this brand in Joshua Tree and bought the Hinoki candle. Quickly upon using it I realized not only how clean the ingredients were but how great they made my house smell. I bought the Scarpa one shortly afterward and I LOVE it! My house smells like a sexy mix of Palo Santo and a lightly perfumed specialty store :)

2. Scented candles soothe and enhance the mood

The scent of a candle stimulates the part of the brain connected to memory, delivering mood-boosting benefits. A well-chosen scent can create a special experience for your Mom figure. Think Chamomile to calm, Cypress to energize, Palo Santo to destress, and Sandalwood to promote positivity.

Rachel G.

The scents are absolutely amazing! I've tried different ones, and they are all delightful. Each candle creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that helps me unwind after a long day. The fragrances are not overpowering, but rather subtle and soothing.

3. Candles last longer than flowers

Our 8oz. Candles have a burn time of 45-50 hours–that’s quite a long lifespan compared to a bouquet (or box of chocolates)! Each YIELD Candle comes in a reusable glass vessel, the perfect pot for trinkets or small plants. So Mom can continue enjoying her gift long after the life of the candle.

Simone H.

Love the Scent, High Quality Candle! Pleasant and not overpricing scent. Slow burn, that burns down to the absolute last bit of wax. Beautiful glass that I can reuse! Will buy more of these candles!

4. Candles are the foundation of “me time”

Mom is going to love the candle you’ve chosen for her. Just be sure to give her time to use it! A fragrant YIELD Candle, her favorite beverage, and a few hours to enjoy it are sure to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

Maria E.

What I appreciate most about using YIELD candles during my self-care routine is the versatility they offer. There are so many different scents and types of candles to choose from, so I can easily find one that fits my mood and preferences. Whether I want something floral and feminine, spicy and exotic, or clean and refreshing, there's a candle out there that can provide the perfect ambiance.

5. Candles made from natural ingredients are better for her health

YIELD Candles are crafted from coconut wax. Its clean-burning, non-toxic properties make it one of the healthiest waxes. A cotton wick promotes clean burning, and natural essential oils benefit the senses.

Annett C.

I am in love with this scented candle brand! Not only do their candles smell amazing, but they are made with all-natural ingredients. It's great to have a candle that I can enjoy without worrying about harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances.


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