Manufacturing Philosophy


  • We must consider the end-to-end lifespan of each piece.

  • Anything that makes sense to produce locally, we produce locally.

  • Everyone involved in the production of our goods must be treated fairly and earn a fair wage.

  • No child or slave labor (we look forward to a day when this doesn’t need saying).

  • No creepy materials.


Non Absolutes:

  • Domestic (U.S.) Manufacturing - it’s our preference but not a requirement. We believe American design has a strength beyond our manufacturing history. What we value most about U.S. manufacturing is the general reliability in labor standards. 

  • Small batch production - most of our pieces are made in small quantities by hand, but we are not against large scale production and the efficiencies that it can bring. When streamlined with good design, mass production can be more democratic and lower impact.


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