The range of Incense available in The Core Collection Incense Sampler pack on a cream background.
 Incense bundle out of packaging on a cream background.
Top view of different range of Incense packs.
Find a signature scent for every room with our collection of sample packs.

Scent Category
The Core Collection includes:

- Avilés - Notes of Jasmine, Blood Orange + White Musk
- Castillo - Notes of Cypress, Salt + Smoke
- Coquina - Notes of Spanish Moss, Amber + Salt
- Entenza - Notes of Eucalyptus, Rosemary + Birch
- Scarpa - Notes of Palo Santo, Leather + Vetiver
- Wright - Notes of Desert Rose, Sand + Amber
Each incense scent sample includes 15 hand-rolled sticks and is in retail packaging.
Incense Scent Sampler Pack Reviews

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