The Yield Pour Over Carafe and Century Glasses on a brown countertop.
2 Yield 6 oz Century Glasses filled with water on a white countertop.
The Yield Century Glasses in 3 different sizes on a white countertop.

Get the best of both worlds and save 20% on best-selling glassware with our Glassware Bundles. This set includes the Pour Over Carafe and Century Glasses.

Brew a perfectly balanced pot of coffee or tea in the Pour Over Carafe. If you’re not a coffee person, our carafe keeps tea, sangria, lemonade, and flavored water fresh and delicious. The classic lines and superior durability of the Century Glass are sure to make it your new go-to drinking glass.

Our glassware is crafted from premium borosilicate glass, making it heat-proof, durable, and resistant to thermal shock.

- Set includes 1 Pour Over Carafe and Set of 2 Double Wall Glasses
- Pour Over Carafe Materials: borosilicate glass
- Pour Over Carafe Dimensions: 5” D x 10” H
- Pour Over Carafe makes 1-6 cups at a time
- Double Wall Glass Materials: borosilicate glass
- Hand-wash only with warm water and mild soap
Pour Over Carafe + Century Glasses Reviews

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