Obscura Visiting Artist
December 9, 2017 - February 17, 2018

Make sure you don't miss the current gallery pop-up at Obscura showcasing Miami artist, @floraandform!

View Flora + Form's ceramics and paintings exclusively at Obscura! All works are available for purchase online and in-store! If you can't make it to Saint Augustine, no worries! Here are some images we rounded up.

Flora + Form studio is a multidisciplinary exploration into creative expression by artist Danielle Romero. Painting and ceramics are her main focus, and comprise the majority of her body of work. Additionally, projects such as apparel design and product licensing have resulted in invaluable collaborations with clientele. The inspiration behind Danielle's creative process is rooted in nature, minimalism, and architecture/design. Constantly striving to capture the abstract, nature provides endless variations of subtle form, color and texture. Her exposure to architecture and design came at an early age from her mother, an interior designer, who taught her to appreciate the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames, Isamu Noguchi and others. Danielle's goal for any end product is to bring the energy of the natural environment inside the home while maintaining the object's ability to harmonize with the environment outside.